Donkey Kong Country 3 LP

This LP is still on hiatus and I know some people have talked to me on another blog I had used before switching over to this one and some friends asked me too. Are you going to continue your DKC 3 LP? The short and long of this is yes, I will get back to this LP in time. Just I got interested in a new game that I found and well that one is fun plus my FF III/VI LP was on hiatus for so long I had to take that into consideration too. Plus I am currently writing in my second novel, the first one was completed earlier this month and that is on hold till I hear from prospective editors. So basically I am stretched thin and being kept busy by these projects plus real life as I am having to move out of my place due to some tension between me and my roommate. So if I get behind don’t fret I will return as I always do.


Michael aka Midoribishi from Offdawallstudios


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