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Unsure of What Game will be my third LP!

June 27, 2012

I am still kinda on the fence on which game I should LP along with DKC 3, & Diablo III. There are a lot good games that I could LP, but they must be ones I can play on my computer. Thus, I am limited to PC games, games that run on Emulators. So, I can run just about any modern and older PC game with ease on medium to high settings, depending on the game, and as far as emulated consoles I can run form regular NES/Sega Master, on up to Gamecube/Wii, PS1/2, and most handhelds.


Current LP Series and Possible Third LP!

June 19, 2012

Well, as you all know I have started and been making new parts as soon and often as I can for my two current LPs as of now but I am planning on doing a new LP! That is right! A third LP is possible, but you the fans/subscribers/followers, etc. must help me decide if I should take on one more or just finish the ones I’m doing. Let me know!

Hi One and ALL!

June 14, 2012

Hi you guys,

Let me welcome you to my little corner of the web. This is first and foremost a place where all of my fans, subscribers, followers, etc. can get a quick glimpse into my world and what I am doing and will do next plus extra content not found anywhere else on the web! My name is Michael but I prefer Mike or even better Midoribishi! Now those of you who are familiar with me and know me or heard of my YouTube username, probably have wondered where did I come up with that as my name? Well, wonder no more for I will tell you all!

Apart from video games and electronics and computers I enjoy history, culture and languages. One of those particular languages that I am fond of is Japanese. I speak it pretty fluently, and have been there a couple of times. I started studying the language back in 2000 seriously as I had done so previously for the avid gamer child in me. Basically, I took my favorite color and warrior and in place of the English I used their Japanese counterparts so to speak. Thus, Midori-green, and Bushi-warrior, but I had spelled it wrong-a typo and after awhile I noticed it but it was too late to change it. So that is in a nutshell how Midoribishi came to be.

Second part of this first post is tell you my fans and friends the purpose of this blog and to give shout-outs to some great people!

Essentially, this blog will cover any and everything to do with my LPs, my Vlog channel- & of course my main Channel-

News, changes in LPs, schedules, any possible hiatus times or downtime or lost of internet, etc!

Lastly but not least time for shout-outs!

I would like to give my thanks and appreciation for Tim Bishop aka Nintendocaprisun aka BreakingNCS aka Jealousguy, you inspired me to record myself playing video games and commentating, thanks bro!

Secondly, Zack aka Zigzack54 aka zeldazack, thanks man for continuing to give me your friendship, support, and never failing to keep me in good spirits, you are a great friend.

Thirdly, Matt, we met at Fresno City College, as we were taking a DataCom class, the class itself was meh okay, but glad I met you man, been a great friend. You are a comp god and networking genius. Always good to have a friend who is into what you are into.

Finally, Windy, you are the love of my life and keep me straight haha. I need to be kept in line and sometimes you get hell for it but thank you for sticking with me you are a great girlfriend.

And thanks to you guys my fans and subscribers, followers!